How to shed your holiday pounds

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Holiday brings along its own sets of hazards.

You sometimes get foods that you don’t want, and since you had been invited as a part of celebration to your friends place, or at a party somewhere, it becomes awkward to decline foods that have been offered.

It’s a dilemma we all face every time holiday comes around.

You get into a fix, and then unwillingly you try to gulp those junk foods at a party. It’s an unwanted situation, but still you increase your weight when you inhale such foods.

How can you shed your holiday pounds?

There are plenty of ways that could help you to shed your holiday pounds.

You need to find a way that suits you the best. If you are in your teens or, still on that zone where you can call yourself younger, then you probably need to workout a bit.

For somebody, who is old, or those that do not like to shed their weights the hard way, they can have such foods that can surely help, to lose unwanted holiday pounds.

The best option to shed your holiday pounds is perhaps, by doing exercise. If you can try and do yoga, then there’s nothing that comes closer to it. Yoga is a perfect recipe to shed holiday pounds.

  • Get a book on yoga, and follow the instructions that would guide you to shed holiday pounds. If somehow you are not able to access a yoga book, then prepare yourself to do yoga routine mentioned below.
  • Spread a mat on the floor, and lie down.
  • Take a deep breath and hold it, catch hold of you right leg with both your hands. In the meanwhile, do not leave your breath.
  • Try and press your right leg towards your chest with folded hands and release your breath slowly. You will find your body much relaxed.
  • Repeat this yoga, and this time use your left leg to press against your chest, the same way, as you have done with your right leg.
  • Finally repeat this yoga, again, by having both the legs pressed against your chest by using your hands. The result is that your stomach gets freed from unwanted gas, any stomach inflation, if it’s present, vanishes away.
  • Your body gets more agile, and active. Follow this routine daily for a week, and you would notice the difference that it does to your whole body. The fat is reduced and it helps you shed your holiday pounds.
  • If you are not able to do such exercises, then take tamarind, pour into a glass of water, and leave if for 15 minutes. Now, take 1 gram of mustard seed and 1 gm of cumin seed, and throw it on a pan. Heat the pan and pour the tamarind mixed water along with salt, turmeric and curry leaves. Take the stuff out within five minutes.

The result is a health drink. Drink twice daily and continue drinking for two days. The fat in your body decreases considerably.

  • You can also choose to have honey with lemon. Honey diet is probably the easiest method to shed holiday pounds. Just squeeze lemon onto three tease spoon of honey, mix with a spoon, and swallow it. Continue having honey with lemon diet for 3 days, and you will notice, you get slimmer by the day.

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