Raising Godly Children

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It is easier to have fun with your legal partner and become pregnant than taking the real test offered you as a parent to raise your children to be god-fearing and humble and peace-loving too. The fashionable thing today is to leave children to raise themselves as parents go about looking for means of bringing in more foods on the table. The children are left to their own designs and are exposed to confusion they stumble into in the hands of their friends who have taken the place of their parents in their lives. These children never get to sit down to discuss with their parents who don’t have time for them, their fears, questions and curiosities. Parents are increasingly becoming disenchanted when it comes to taking up their responsibilities by their children. They have perfected the art of parenting by absence since the children were tender by leaving home in the early hours of morning after their sources of livelihood and come back in the late hours when the children have gone to bed.

This parenting act of seeming irresponsibility has been the bane of most children who ended up not picking anything worthy of emulation from their parents. No legacy was handed down to them by their parents. The question now is how to raise godly children? It is simple. The bible says that the family that stays together prays together. Your excuse that the global village the world has turned into through the expectations from your employers which cause you to leave home early and get back late leaving you little or no time to chat up your kids is an excuse delivered hot from the pit of hell. You must make allowances to pray daily with every member of your family so that from so doing, the children would learn the right things that keep the family going even when the going is tough. It is through this staying together that children have time to tell you about the bully in their class and you will see what has to be done about this. Also, their fears, yearnings and expectations would be answered. Another way to raise godly children is by being godly. As a wife or as a husband, you are expected to live by example. Your rule of coming back home on time should start with you. Nagging should be a thing of the past if you must be an authority on moral matters concerning your children. These are the only ways I believe will give you assurance that your children would end up godly.


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