Liposuction cosmetic surgeries on rise

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Quick-fix weight loss is mantra of today. With the rising desire to lose weight quickly, liposuction cosmetic surgeries are on rise, according to American Board Of Plastic Surgeons. The number of cosmetic surgeries have increased by 31% since 2006.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure which involves suckig out of fat from certain parts of the body like thigh or abdomen to give rise to perfect near ideal body. It is mainly resculpting the body. Unlike past, liposuction has gained wide public acceptance and people are coming forward  for the cosmetic procedure. The techniques usd now are very well advanced, tested and predictible.

As other surgeries, cosmetic surgeries do carry certain amount of risk. According to a Baltimore cosmetic surgeon, nearly twenty precent risk is major. Do remember liposuction is no alternative to dieting or cure of obesity, it is more of reshaping the body to get the near perfect figure one aspires for.

It is of common logical sense, surgical removal of fat from certain parts of body will not suffice to get rid of obesity, over time, fat will be accumulated in other parts of the body. The idea to remain slim and trim is not only surgicaly remove fat, but to maintain healthy life style. One would be benefitted for long period by proper exercise, right diet and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

Liposuction is a  cosmeic procedure to reshape the body, but not the ideal solution to lose weight. It is estimated that the yearly market for cosmetic surgery is about 15 million and is expected to rise every year.


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