Top 6 Supplies For Refinishing a Wood Table

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Whether you purchased a scarred and marred table from a junk store, yard sale, swap meet or found it in the days trash, with a few good supplies and a little time, you will turn that junk, into your very own piece of treasure. To refinish a wooden table, you will need, at least, these top 6 supplies.

6. Electric Sander

Depending on the size of the table, an electric sander will certainly make for faster work. Electric sanders come in the belt and circular variety, as well as, a few smaller hand held brands. None of these will work better than any other, but you will want to make sure the sander accommodates normal sheets of sandpaper and not a special branded variety. The more intricate the sandpaper, the higher the consumer cost.

5. Hand Sander

Hand sanders can be used for hard to reach places and smaller planes. Hand sanders are generally made at home from blocks of wood in various sizes. If blocks of wood are unavailable, any hard household item can be used as a stabilizing black for the hand sander.

4. Sandpaper

The electric and hand sanders will do you no good without some great sandpaper. Sandpaper comes in many different textures and you will need several to refinish a wooden table. The lower the number on a selection of sandpaper the more coarse the paper. At first, when refinishing a wooden table, you will want to start out with a low number or more coarse paper. As you sand more and more of the old finish away, you will move to a higher number, or less coarse sheet of sandpaper. It is always a great idea to have more sandpaper on hand than you think you will need. There is nothing more aggravating, than nearing the end of your sanding process only to run out of sandpaper.

3. Sponges

Sponges are a great way to apply the liquid stain or polyurethane to the wooden table when refinishing. The sponges do not have to be a certain brand or type, and cheaper is better. Buying sponges in a variety of sizes can help to hit those hard to reach areas on you table.

2. Old Rags

While sponges are great for applying stains, you will need many old rags to wipe the stain back off. The process of staining is simple. Apply the stain and wipe it off. You will repeat this process on the entire table and re coat as needed for a darker finish. A great place to find old rags are thrift stores.

1. Drop Cloth

Stains have a tendency to, well, stain. If you will be staining indoors, the drop cloth will be even more important. Once you have spilled stain on concrete or hardwood floors, you will have a lot of trouble getting the “stain” out.


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