Dad’s being there for our children

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There are so many of us men that often times get married right out of high school, and there are other of us that wait until we have a stable job so that we can properly provide for the soon to be family. Then there is other of us wait for the right woman to come along, which in my case i did that very thing and that i thank god that i did that very thing. Because that i have a woman that i do adore, and love with all of my heart, we had gotten married when i had turned 30years old. We have 4 children and one more on the way and beleive me that is the last one. Well anyway i do love all of my children, well anyway i have been a workolic from the time that i had left high school until at this point. I am going to admit that i have taken my wife granted for because she would take care of our children all the time and that i had done it part time, but i have learned a great deal of lessons.

The problem that i had was that i wanted to be a dad and have the name of being a dad, but my problem was i a truck driver and as everyone knows, being a truck driver you are only home part of the time. I had always thought that i was doing my part, but in fact i was and i wasn’t doing it. But the thing is we have 2 children with disabilities and that it is hard because as a parent. I have to be careful and approach it differently on correcting them because one of them would start crying over just talking to them, and the other one would start throwing a fit and that there would be sometimes that i would not know how to do it. Well anyway now since that i have a war related injury i am limited to what i can do now, well now i can spend some quality time with my time with our children. Well anyway now after that she has the baby  and the healing process, she is going to let me stay at home with the kids and she is going to work a full time job instead of working at home. But, i am going to try to do my best to spend the quaity time with my children. Well, i guess that the thing is that we men can take our wives for granted for and that in fact that they spend majority of the time with the kids and us men do not spend the quality time with our children like we want to but we are more wanting to provide for them and that’s about it. But it does infact takes the two of us men and women to spend quality time with the children so, i might not be the best dad in the world, but i am going to try to be there for them and spend each and every moment with them as i can they are little once.


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