Will Sarah Palin get a second chance at the presidency?

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Governor Palin endearing moves in the just concluded American elections says a lot about her intense desire to be in hunt for a second chance at the presidency.

Her spirit at John McCain’s campaign trail beckons her longing to be in it. She was instrumental in drawing vast crowds at most of McCain’s campaign trail and that itself would be difficult for the Republicans to ignore her completely.

Mrs. Palin’s folksy charm and graceful etiquettes might pave an opportunity for her to get a second chance at the presidency.

In the final week of the 2008 election she was heard saying in one of her interviews to the ABC news “I’m not doing this for naught”, repudiating claims by some that she would fade back to Alaska.

She was instrumental in rejuvenating party’s Christian conservative base, considered to be a major hurdle in McCain’s fraught campaign, could provide her an edge when Republicans assemble and  decide on their  presidential nominee for 2012 elections. Huge crowds turned out at her rallies, Republicans were enchanted by her frank views, and she was quick to realize Republican’s enormous expectation and kept her focus on the campaign.

Sarah Palin is a leader by choice, not out of compulsion. Love for politics exists in her self, always geared up to bring about a change.

After she took the Alaska seat as a Governor, one of the first things she implemented was to spruce the dimension and cost of her office.

She was there to bring about a change, and in her very first legislative session, she was resolute to administer new major inputs of pieces of legislation and by the end of her campaign trail, her reforms had taken shape of law.

Her initiatives on administrative field show her willingness to produce her best. Sarah Palin’s leadership enhanced the state’s savings programme and educational funding, subtle benefit programme for the seniors were put into practice to provide enough financial sustenance to the old Alaskans.

In other words, her implemented schemes stitched different layers of economy which exhibits her zeal to work for the people. It repudiates claim put by the some that she is selfish and self motivated.

Her enthusiasm and zeal displayed for the people of Alaska can be as effective for the general US politics. Her performance under the harsh lights of campaign trail reveals her desire to stay in general US politics for a much longer time and it also suggests she is ready to take plunge for a second chance at the presidency.

Yet, one significant factor which can go in Palin’s favor is her ability to draw vast crowds. Though, according to politico.com, she reportedly feared McCain’s aid were “going to try and shed her” after the election is over.

Still, make no mistake, Sarah Palin could be the one many will see as the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party of America in 2012.


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