Gaining more visitors is very easy!

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There are few guidelines which I think might be useful if you want your visitors coming back to your blog, this guide ought to be helpful on me!

First, create any random topics, ideas, express your feelings, emotions and thoughts or anything that you want to release from your worthy brain BUT be careful on your topic and choose those that you think won’t hurt others’ feelings! People won’t read your blog if it’s only full of racism and discrimination or hatred. But if you really insists on releasing your anger, then I suggest for you to create your own private blog.

What is a private blog?
A private blog is one way of hiding your “dirty little secrets” from public viewing, wherein you could only choose a particular person or people whom you can grant access to see your private blog(in this way, you’ll be able to easily monitor your visitors) or you can choose to just simply be alone in your private blog.

So how do I create a private blog in blogspot?
It’s easy. Just go to your Settings and click Permissions, once you’re there, you’ll be able to add another author to help you in your blogging or filter the people who can view your blog or simply make your blog a loner.

For the second guide, you’ll need to visit other blogs too! This one’s applicable if your blog’s in public viewing. Leave them any nice messages and reply to them once they’ve read your message. Another thing is, don’t forget to leave them a comment! Some people may owe you for leaving one and some just won’t! So don’t be disappointed if you left them a comment and they just gave you nothing.

The third and last guide, be nice to them! Reality Check. You can never please everybody, there will always be someone who won’t like you or may just pretend to like you. You know what I mean right? We people have this nature that if a person does something nice to you, we then would want to give back the good thing they’ve done to us.

Oh! And by the way, if you wanna increase your page visits, then you’d better join any link back, return back, link exchange or anything that can display your link to another sites. Remember, the more exposure your site receive the better chance of you having a lot of visitors.

I know there are a lot of ways to earn more visitors and these are just a few of them. In the end, it’ll be your decision to follow my nonsense guide or use your own principles.


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