Breast sagging has no relationship with breast feeding

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The importance of breast feeding cannot be undervalued, but in spite of there is a growing concern for mothers, that breast feeding would lead to sagging breasts. According to research carried out by Baltimore plastic surgeons and their presentation during plastic surgery conference, breast feeding has no kind of relationship with breast shape of women.

A lot of women with drooping or sagging breasts consult plastic surgeons for breast augmentation and feel, after arrival of baby, their breasts have sagged. A popular Baltimore plastic surgeon does agree that sagging breasts do increase with each pregnancy, but there is no correlation about breastfeeding worsening it.

According to records made available by  American society of plastic surgeons, there was 96% increase in number of breastlifts in 2006 over the year 2000 which made breastlift as the most popular comsetic surgery procedure. Even three hundered twenty nine thousand females underwent breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure.

Details of AFPS study

The objective was to determine which factor plays a  huge impact on breast sagging.Mothers who have just concluded pregnancy and were on brest feeding were considered for the study. Previous history, breast feeding frequency and each length of cycle were taken into account. The study indicated there was no correlation between breast feeding ad shape of te breasts. It also gave indications of previous smoking history, large pre-pregnancy bras played  role in breast sagging. A expert , Baltimore plastic surgeon said that  there is no relationship with shape of breasts  and breasy drooping. Experts conclude breast feeding should not be stopped as it is vital for the growth of the baby.


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