Credit Card: Four Tips in Choosing the Right Card for your Good Credit

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So you have taken the time to build a really good credit rating and your credit report is second to none, so now what? You have choice of whichever credit card you have and a slew of interest rates to choose from. If credit card companies had a customer draft just like pro sports teams do you, my friend, would be a top five pick.

The time has come for you to get rid of all of those department store cards, move on to unsecured credit and become a part of the world we call “a responsible borrower”. And since you have pick of the litter when it comes to credit cards be wise when making a selection. Here are some tips that could help you along.

Say No to Fees
Avoid all credit cards, that charge a fee, like the plague. You have great credit and they deserve to have you not the other way around. If they are going to charge you, the person with an excellent credit history, a fee, then you do not need nor do you want that card. So avoid fee based credit cards.

Interest Rates
Be leery of introductory interest rates. You know the ones where they start out at a certain percentage and then end up around twenty percent. Your credit is way too good to pay high interest rates, so pick a card that maintains your interest rate based on your good credit. You should have no problem finding and sticking with one around nine percent or even lower.

Points, Points, Points
Look for a card that awards you points towards something. For instance my wife and I have the Disney card. With every purchase we earn points towards anything Disney related. Yes we are Disney fanatics. In any event, we apply those points towards vacations we might take, movies, toys for the kids and so on. What do you enjoy? Do you like to travel? Look for airline miles, cruise points or vacation club stays. If sports is more you thing, look for one that gives you points towards merchandise and sporting events. Chances are there is a card out there that will allow you to earn points towards your favorite things.

Added Incentives
Look for a card that has other added incentives such as deals you might get with businesses they partner with. For example on my card when I rent a car from a certain rental car company I can earn up to triple points or receive cash discounts. Credit cards issued from quality companies do business with other businesses as a way for everybody to be a winner. You are a winner because you are earning points and discounts, the card wins because you are using the card and the business wins because they now have you as a customer. Everybody wins.

These are just four of the many things you can look at when choosing your credit card. Only you can decide which card is right for you. If you find yourself ever stuck making a decision about your finances you should talk to professionals who are experts in the field. You have worked hard to build that good credit. Do the right things to keep it that way.

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