DLF IPL, a fake IPL player and Shahrukh Khan’s blog: What is going on?

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Problems are not ending for Kolkata Knight Riders as someone from the team is regularly giving pain to Shah Rukh Khan and his team management. There is some who is telling world, what is happening inside the dressing room and team meetings.

Nobody knows who this person is and why his intension to leak the information in media. Perhaps he wants to make some extra money from his blog with huge following of Kolkata Knight Riders and Shah Rukh Khan. He has started his own blog with name of fake IPL Player.

I think Shahrukh also should think something about him. Because it may harm his and his teams reputation because there are so many things which player discuss during team meetings.

Shahrukh Khan also has started his own blog on Knight Rider’s site. I think it is to answer that fake player. But Shah Rukh refuses that possibility. He is blogging for his team and to defend his decisions which are more favoring rival teams than his own.

This is the worst performance of Kolkata Knight riders. One can’t expect anything lower than this from this team of great players. The thing they really need to work on is confidence not only about game but also between them. There are rumors about integrity in the team. We call a bunch of people a team only when, they work on same target with a common game plan. I don’t think they have faith and confidence in each other. Each one there is trying to prove himself and the team is suffering because of that.


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