Computers: How To Reformat Your Computers

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It can be done once in awhile to restore your computer speed or to get rid of virus that you can’t get rid on your own. Usually most viruses will go away with anti-virus programs. You can try lava soft ad-aware and it’s free to download online. You can run a full scan and it’ll remove all of your viruses and pops up at the end. You can do this instead of reformatting your program since you have to replace most of the software that you currently have after you reformat the program. If you really need to do it then you should. Reformatting can increase the speed of your computer. Usually a reformatting disk will come with your computer. When you reformat your computer, you can lose all data with it. You should save all data before you reformat.

Reformatting will allow you to clean out all files and this is great if you’ll be giving the computer to someone new. You might want to save all data before you reformat it. Reformatting does get rid of viruses and spy ware programs. If you have major problems then reformatting is the way to go. It should be the last option since you have to reinstall window which is time consuming. Your computer can contain your personal information and people could steal your personal information. The only way to really destroy information is to shred the hard drive. You can reformat the disk the traditional way or you can use software online to overwrite the disk.

How do you reformat the disk? You can go to and then click on “DOS windows 9X/NT4/2000/XP Excellent Boot disks” for window XP system.” You would then download the window XP custom Install disk and save it to a floppy disk. When you’re ready to reformat, you would shut down all open programs. You would then restart the computer and put the previous floppy disk in the drive A. When there’s a prompt you would type in Format: C. You would answer “yes” to warning. This will wipe out all data. When it’s finished with reformatting, you can pull out the floppy and then put in the window installation CD to re-install windows. Once the process is over, you have reformatted your hard disk and all data is lost.



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