Don’t Throw Away Money on Inefficient Use of Resources – Part 1

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Most likely, you are spending too much money through not being careful enough with little things that don’t seem important. You might not even be aware that your appliances are set on an inefficient setting or that it is an easy matter to save money regularly by simply changing a little habit. Here are some easy tips that can keep your money in your wallet. This article addresses heating and cooling, and some tips on managing some of your key appliances.

Heating and Cooling the Home

Almost half of the money you spend on combined gas and electric energy goes to maintaining the temperature in your home. Cutting back in this area can reward you with immediate savings. Let’s look some easy steps that can be taken along these lines.

Keep the fireplace damper closed. Don’t let your expensive heat escape through the chimney! In the winter, make sure the damper is shut when there isn’t a fire. It can save you around 5 percent on your heating bill.

Exhaust fans should be used only when they are needed. In about one hour an exhaust fan can go through all of the air in your house! Don’t replace your heated or air conditioned air with air from outside by letting exhaust fans run unnecessarily.

If you have a digital thermostat, learn how to set it to control the temperature based on your daily routine. During the winter, turn the heat down when you’re out during the day in addition at nighttime. In the summer, do the opposite. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one for less than $100 at your local hardware store. They are easy to install and a programmable thermostat can save you 10-15% on the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Provide some shade for y your air conditioner condenser. Keep your air conditioner’s condenser unit shaded and it will operate more efficiently. It operates more efficiently when it’s not baking in the summer sun. This can reduce the cost of air conditioning by as much as 3% depending on the temperature differential.

Your Appliances

Your electrical and gas appliances, including the water heater, can account for up to 29% of your energy usage. By setting them to run at their optimum settings, you can literally save money by pressing a few buttons. By adjusting your usage habits a little you can save even more expense.

If your water heater is set above 120 degrees you are wasting energy storing unnecessary heat and creating a safety hazard by exposure to the overly hot water! Having water hotter can scald you and it is not even necessary since you have to mix excessively hot water with cold for bathing anyway. Save more money by turning the water heater to its vacation setting when you’re on holiday.

Properly adjust the refrigerator. Your refrigerator should keep food at between 34 and 38 degrees F. Adjust the freezer to 5 degrees. The appliance will operate most efficiently at these settings and you will keep the contents safe.

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