How To Open A Jar

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We all have come across jars that are difficult to open. Sometimes the lid is so well sealed shut that no matter how hard you try you cannot prise that lid open. Well there are things you can try other than you own strength to help get that lid open. Listed below are some tips for trying to open that difficult jar. Firstly though it there is someone around who is stronger than you, then you may want them to have a go first.

1. Use one or more of the methods below to break the vacuum.

2. Find something to grip the jar with. Use a damp cloth or wear some rubber gloves (like those used when washing dishes) when trying to open it. If you have any rubber bands that come with vegetables, you can put those around the lid for traction. Rubber jar openers are also made specifically for this purpose, and are invaluable at loosening stuck jars.

3. Place your palm on the top of the lid and apply pressure, then twist it around with your whole hand.

4. Alternatively, grip the lid firmly and apply force on the jar and not on the lid.

5. Keep a firm grip on the jar. This is because you don’t want the contents all over the table/floor.

Other ideas
Tap The Jar: Hold the jar firmly in your hand, and knock the corner of the lid against the floor(denting the lid on the corner breaks the vacuum seal, or at least always weakens it!), counter top, etc. They quickly open the jar…it should open more easily.

Use a Teaspoon
Take a teaspoon and put the point of the spoon under the edge of the jar.
Push down with the spoon so the round side of the spoon is against the jar. The seal should break, and you may hear a ‘pop’ sound.


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