Triond, A Dying Website? Severe downtime!

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Today as thousands of us tried to log into Triond we were met with a blank screen. Myself and many friends submited E-mails, twits and forum requests to find out why. There is the possibility Triond has closed its doors for ever but not that likely. However the controversy of Triond not paying nearly 50% of what it earns is on the rise and most of the popular writers have walked away within the past 6 months. This still brings to reason, Triond has never been down for more then 30 seconds in 2 years to my knowledge. What is going on? It could be a Ddos (Denial of service) attack but it seems we would have gotten an answer from Triond by now. There is a host of things it could be from a hardware malfunction to Triond not paying their hosting on time.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that Triond is experiencing some problems and no one outside of Trionds immidiate circle has any idea how, why, who, and what caused the outage, all we can do is hope it was an accident and that our Triond will be back to us soon. There are many sites like Triond particularly this one, Bukisa which offer the same services but many of us have built up rather large amounts of articles on Triond and it would be a shame to lose it all for no reason. Hopefully they can find a solution within a day or two before the downtime has a serious affect on the websites traffic and authors!

Triond remains a dead website. They have not posted on Twitter for nearly 18 hours, they have not responded to single help E-mail (to my knowledge let me know if they have), the forums are down and they have not updated the blog. Perhaps something went wrong and Triond administrators are all asleep?


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