Don’t Skimp on Pet Food!

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How many times have you looked at the prices of dog and cat food and thought to save a buck or two by getting the cheaper stuff? I know I have thought about it and when I was down to the last of my money before payday, I have done it.

But it isn’t always the best use of your money.

Many times the cheaper brands are simply not as nutritious. So they eat more to get what they need so that food does not last as long.

That is the big thing that sets us apart from our hairy family members. They don’t eat just to eat like people sometimes do. More often they will only eat to sustain themselves. Sure, if you give them a treat they will eat it, but if it is regular food it is a different. Maybe the treats are just yummier, I don’t know.

If you really want to see if they are nutritionally the same, check the labels. Pick an expensive brand like Iams and compare that to the nutrients in, let’s say, the Walmart brand Special Kitty or Ol Roy. You can even look it up online before going to the store so you know what nutrients are needed and in what percentage. All pet food webites that I know of list what is in their product.

For cat food information you can check Cat Food Comparisons which will compare major brands or you can go to Cat Nutrition to tell you what cats need in their diet.

For dog food information you can check Dog Food Comparisons which compare major brands or to Dog Food which gives you information on what dogs need nutritionally.

The most expensive brands are not always nutritionally superior. At the same time the cheapest brands are not the most nutritious.

Just check labels, as if you were the one eating the food. Not all pet food is created equal..


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