The Wonders of Theme Cruises

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Today there are a plethora of different cruises that you can go on. The TV is covered with commercials for all sorts of things from family cruises to journey cruises to celebrity cruises and everything in between.

There are various kinds of cruises to choose between, the special features are just as integral to the trip as the cruise itself. From Disney family cruises to safari journeys to celebrity comfort, there’s a special journey for everyone, woman or man from youth and much more.

The American Safari Cruises offer 5 different journey destinations : the pacific northwest, Alaskan outback, Columbia and Snake brooks, Mexico’s ocean of Cortes, and California wine country. These 5 different trips mix the opulent on ship experience with rugged outside journeys to cater to the different type of personality in each of us.

These are tiny, targeted tour groups, and the 3 ships in the fleet carry only from 12 to 20 one passengers each. This makes provisions for an in depth, conscientious and community building experience for all. If you are relaxing and drinking wine in Napa Valley or trekking the same trail that Lewis and Clarke took, you’ll be ready to test your private comfort level while not having to give up any private comforts.

Ancient Adventures Cruises is an experience rich in history and character. With packages from Turkey to Kenya, experienced tour guides from all areas of life personally guide guests through the traditional artifacts of historical civilizations. These trips are far more package journeys than cruises, mixing magnificent land accommodations with the cruise trips. Non-public drove automobiles take guests to the numerous exotic locations this world travel company services. Previous palaces and historical sites converted to hotel accommodations round out this rich cultural experience for guests in all different states. Also, you can mix different trips together to make as short or as long and as sundry an experience as you want. With 3 global offices, and many guides that hold advances degrees in archaeology and history, you may find whatever cultural or language particular accommodations that you seek.

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises will provide a great variety of cruises, from a seven day stay in Panama to a Costa Rica vacation where you’ll be able to explore the many rain forest of the region with an all inclusive photography contest themed cruise. There’s a little bit of something for everybody all over the Pacific and the Caribbean. As well as a variety of destinations, from the Bahamas to Mexico, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises offers many different themed cruises. There’s the Pirate’s week every year, and then the Serenity cruise, which is concentrated on the well being and rejuvenation of all passengers. The best by far is the Single’s cruise. What better way to meet the new love of your life than on a luxury cruise ship? Windjammer does a great job of packing the ship with equal numbers of ladies and men, so there’s always something for everybody.


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