How to make your woman the happiest woman in the world

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  1. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Everyone has disagreements and arguments. All human beings have the right to their own opinion however, don’t get it twisted. Some people confuse their opinion with truth. Sometimes we need to agree to disagree. It’s important to always keep an open mind especially when dealing with the opposite sex. we often think about things differently.
  2. Be considerate. Show your respect to one another by learning what your likes and dislikes are and trying to remember the dislikes. When one partner lacks thought or consideration for their partner and their feelings, it’s disrespectful. So try to be sensitive to each other’s feelings
  3. Be passionate yet not obsessive. We can’t always be hardcore passion freaks because that would be a bit over powering. When you have strong emotions for someone you need to tell them and show them. Words don’t always say it all. Adjust your passion to your partner’s mood. Take it slow because rushing is not a turn on. Patience is key.
  4. Show them your love. Whether you’re just starting out in a relationship or you’ve been in it for years, you still need to continue proving your love. Little things do count quite a bit. All the little things add up and take your relationship to a whole new level – Ultimate love for each other. There are hundreds of ways to show someone you care about them. Keep them in your thoughts and do all of the above as well as little things like make them a meal, buy or make them a gift, and don’t forget birthdays or anniversaries (obviously). Tell them something really nice like how proud you are or how great they look or congratulations on an accomplishment. Say it and show it.

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