Computers maintenance tips

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When using a computer, you should use it with care so that it won’t get damage. You should know the basics to computer care so that your computer can stay in top shape. When it comes to computer, you should turn it on and off the right way. This means you should not turn the computer off without shutting down window first. If you just push the power button to turn off, you can lose data and damage your hard drive. If you pull out the power plug, you can also damage your hard drive. You should always shut it down the proper way. Your computer can crash if you don’t shut it down properly. Your hard drive can suffer a lot. In this case, you can de-fragment your computer so it can recover from some damages to the hard drive.

You should always save your data on a zip or external hard drive because you can lose your data if your computer doesn’t work anymore. This is important for those who have important files on their computer like client’s information or payment data. It’s never safe enough to store everything on the hard drive. You can try storing data in your email addresses too. This way you will always have the data. You should not take up too much hard drive space because it can slow down your computer. Once a month, you can clean up your disk and run a de-fragment. You can also clean up your system with a virus scan from Norton anti-virus or lava soft Ad-aware. Viruses and pops up can slow down your computer.

When starting your window, you should configure programs to not start so that it can save some memory. Once in awhile, you should delete all programs not used so you can free up some space on your hard disk. Free space can make your computer operate faster. You should update your operating system when it’s available so you can speed up your computer. You should install an anti-virus and a firewall at all time if you browse the internet. You should keep your computer in top shape. When you can afford it, you should buy a new computer every now and then so it can perform better.



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