Friday, December 15

Keep Your Credit Card Safe

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Credit Card and Debit Card are the most important thing used by people right now. Most of people are using Credit Cards or Debit Cards for their daily expenses. Those cards are more convenient way to pay or purchase on offline or online transaction. But the world is going faster. All changging are made include the Credit Card security issues. All of you are facing on the Credit Card Fraud. All of us is have big potencial to got this problem. While your card has been fraud, it will all your money gone using by the fraudsters.

It have a few way to avoid your card by being fraud.

1) Report if your lost your card – Make a immediately report to your Credit Card or Debit Card provider if you are getting lost your card. Banks would not charge the cardholder when fraud occurs as long as the owner notify that their card has been lost. Bank will immedietly close your credit card account temporary while you reporting for any credit card lost issue. So any transaction with in your Credit Card is not allowed.

2) Memorised your PIN and online password. Keep a record your card and PIN number at the secure place. Do not keep at the same place with your Credit Card allocated.

3) Keep the emergency contact number especially your Bank call centre. If your card is stolen, directly call this emergency number to block your Credit Card immedietly.

4) When you are using ATM or Cash deposit machine, keep your body close to the machine. Keep away by others people see the PIN numbers that you type in at the machine.

5) Never lend your card to Others. Never pass your card easily to friend or anyone.

6) Never give your important detail to others. Beware while you receiving any mail that need your personal detail. Please do not pass your important detail to anyone that you did know them well also throught email, SMS or any contest that offer to you.

7) Check your wallet occasionally. Make sure alll your cards are not missing.

8) Please beware of any keylogger activity while your are using online banking at Cyber Cafe or Public Computer facilities.


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