Water Detox

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Water Detox

It is a well known fact that drinking atleast 8 glass of water is good for the body but the question is should it be hot or cold.

Cold Water:

It is said that drinking 8 glass of cold water a day helps to burn calories. But you would have to drink more than the 8 glass because it is also known that if drinking right after food consumption, this will solidify the oily food and slow down digestion and eventually turns into fat which I think is what you are trying to avoid; however don’t stop drinking cold or cool water because after exercising it is a very good thing to keep you hydrated and don’t forget burning those calories.

Hot Water:

It is also a well known fact that drinking hot water increases blood circulation. Drinking the same 8 glasses of warm water a day will purify your body by removing that unwanted materials from the body (sweat). It is also known that warm water decreases the fats in the body at a fast rate. It also retains the elasticity of your skin. In certain cultures like the asians you always see them drinking warm water or some type of soups, and look at their shape.

If you are looking for the detox that has no side effects like those over the counter remedy, try drinking hot water on a daily basis, make it a routine and enjoy a long life with less illnes and not to mention looking great with your smooth skin.


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