How to listen to popular radio shows for free without SIRIUS or other costly services

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One SIRIUS radio receiver retails for anywhere from $40-270 currently. The service retails for $124.99-324.99 annually. Unless you spend a considerable amount of time traveling, the investment (on top of gas expenses) tends to be cost-prohibitive.

How much time do you spend in your car anyway? You’re better off paying for a quality Internet service, downloading WinAmp for free, and listening to radio at your home or office at no charge! Learn how now and in five minutes you’ll be listening to your favorite shows for free at your home or office.

Step One: Visit Type “WinAmp” in the search bar. The first option to pop up should be WinAmp 5.552 (or higher). Click the green “download now” button

Step Two: When the download box pops up, click “save file.” Then install the software. (If a installment wizard does not pop up after you download the file, find the icon representing the file you saved on your desktop and double-click it to execute the installer manually.)

Step Three: After WinAmp has installed, visit on your Internet browser of choice. In the search bar, you can type in your favorite show or music genre. After clicking the yellow “search” button, options will follow.

Step Four: To listen to any of the options that appear, simply click the yellow “tune in” button next to the show’s name. After clicking, WinAmp should automatically execute. The show should stream. Streams tend to be taped shows that are edited to be commercial-free or will be live. You’ll find out which it is shortly after tuning in via WinAmp. Enjoy!

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