How to watch live PPV (or sports games not airing in your area) for free online

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With broadband Internet and access to 3 websites, your problem will be solved instantly. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be enjoying your favorite PPV or sports broadcast for free on your PC.

On your browser of choice, visit,, and

On both sites, type in the appropriate keyword for what you’d like to see. For example, type “WWE” or “UFC” to see Sunday’s live show as someone is most likely streaming it on one of those two sites. For sports teams, simply type “Chicago Bears” or “English Premiere League” if your team isn’t being shown by your local cable provider for whatever reason.

Click the corresponding links and wait for the stream to load.  Beware that it may be interrupted for various reasons, so the prudent thing to do is always to have a backup — hence three sites given to your initially.  Enjoy having your PPV viewing problems solved!

As an added bonus, with Windows Media Player you can use the X-Box 360 as a “media extender.”  In my personal experience, I have been unsuccessful trying to arrange this setup despite seeking help through various sites.

However, if you are a PS3 owner I am told that the online web browser it possesses allows PS3 owners to very seamlessly access websites.  Moreover, it sounds as if the streaming via PS3 might carry a marked improvement over Internet Explorer or Firefox’s capabilities on your PC.  If you’re a PS3 owner, please attempt doing this and comment below regarding your level of success in doing so.


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