Computers: How To Make Your Computer Work Faster

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I used to have ads pop up all over the place but not anymore since I deleted it with lava soft ad-aware remover. You can also do this to remove any ads that keep popping up while you work. It could slow down your work if you keep seeing ads. It’s hard to close up all the windows too. There’re people that will download every single applications that they see and this will slow down your computer a lot. You should not download any type of application unless you really need to use it. Applications like games and other fun applications can slow down your pc performance and take up a lot of disk space. You should delete all applications that are not essential to your needs. A slow computer could be caused by viruses, too many applications, downloaded software, full disk space and more. You should clean up your computer once every two or three months.

Computers can be slow if it’s doesn’t have enough RAM or random access memory. This is for temporary storage memory by your computer. You should have enough RAM space to do further work. If your computer is slow every time you need to download large files then this is a sign that your computer needs more RAM space. Temporary files that have built up on your disk could cause your pc to slow down over time too. You should remove any temp files that you don’t use.

You can delete temp files by going under the option of “my computer” and click on your local drive :/C. You would then select “windows” files and then click on “temp” files. You would then right click on the folder and click on “view” and choose “details.” You should look at older files and remove any files that you don’t use.  You should click on delete to delete any files that you no longer use. You should empty your recycle bin to free up some space. You can also delete temporary internet files to free up more space. You can do this by going to the “start” button and then click on “control panel.” You can then click on “internet options” and delete files in the “temporary internet files.” This will free up more space for you. You can also click on delete temporary files. After you have deleted files, you can restart your computer and refresh it. This is like giving your computer a shower. It’s now cleaner.

When your computer is infected with a virus, bug, mal-ware, or Trojan, it’ll slow down. It can cause system to crash or freeze. You should install a free program like lava soft ad-aware and it’ll scan and remove all viruses for you. After removing the virus, your computer will be much faster. I did it to my computer and it’s now much faster than before. You might encounter virus if you download or visit certain websites. You can download ad-aware lava soft for free online. You can search for it on Google.

If you don’t have enough disk space on your hard drive, it can cause your computer to slow down. If you download any bulky files, your computer will slow down. You can delete any large, unnecessary files and leave plenty of free rooms so your can pc can be faster. De-fragmenting your computer can add more space for your computer. You can go to “start” and choose “accessories” and then choose de-fragmenting. De-fragmenting could take a long time. You can also update your operating system to speed up your computer. If you’re using an older version, you’ll need to update to a new version.



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