Delicious pancake

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This delicious pancake is easy for preparation. Its preparation time is only 5 minutes. The cooking time is 10 minutes. The recipe makes 4 servings. I am sure that everybody will be able to prepare this delicious pancake even one is not a good cooker and this is the first time for she or he preparing pancake. I am also sure that everybody will enjoy this delicious taste of the pancake.


2 eggs

2 full tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

¾ cup of milk

4 tablespoons jam (strawberry jam, for instance) or chocolate (yellow cheese is also possible)

a cup of yoghurt with two sppons of honey

Method of preparing:

Put the eggs and the sugar into a big bowl. Stir well. Then add the milk continuing stirring. The next thing to do is to put the flour spoon after spoon. Continue stirring. So, for about 5 minutes your mixture has to be ready. Heat a large pan over a medium heat. Pour the mixture about ¼ cup at a time. Heat this mixture until golden, then flip. Serve with syrup and a cup of yoghurt with honey. Or enjoy the delicious pancake with a cup of milk or coffee if you lay a jam or chocolate onto it. You can even enjoy the pancake with a glass of white wine if you lay grated yellow cheese onto the pancake. everything depends on your wish and taste!


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