How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

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This worked for me and my mom, and it can work for others, but it is not necessarily doctor-approved

My emotional Eating Rollercoaster

Before last summer, I ate when I was hungry. I ate when I was bored. I ate when I was sad, happy, and angry. I also was overweight. I tried every diet known to man. I joined weight watchers, Jenny Craig, and Curves. I tried to lose weight all my life. Nothing worked. Everyone knows losing weight is hard. Especially if you are an emotional eater.

Finally, I decided to eat normally. I only ate when I was hungry. If I wasn’t hungry, I did something else. I know this isn’t easy. It takes willpower. I had to start out slowly. I messed up. In the beginning, I would mess up and get frustrated. But I finally found that reading a good book was a good escape for me. If I was tempted to eat, I’d read.

Tips For You

Find something you like to do. Maybe you like to stamp or do crafts. Maybe it’s scrap booking that you like, or reading. Whatever it is, do it when you get tempted. If nothing else, call somebody on the phone. After a while, you’ll forget the desire to eat.

When you eat, eat slowly. Enjoy your food. When you feel full, stop. Save it for later. Summing it up, eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full.


Exercising isn’t necessary. Seriously. My mom and I haven’t exercised since last summer and we both lost 40 pounds. Each week, we get on the scales and we’ve lost another pound. All we do is eat normally. We eat only when hungry. It has come as second nature to us.

Sure, exercising is good for your muscles and it is good for gaining strength. But it isn’t something you HAVE to do to lose weight. Again, people are different. But it couldn’t hurt to try. Especially if you hate exercising.


Listen to your body. When you eat, pay attention. Your body will tell you when enough is enough


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