How To Grow A Venus Flytrap Plant

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The Venus Flytrap plants are available at any time of the year, but summer is best because they are more actively growing, and are one of the more easer plants to grow, if the humidity and temperature is kept right and given lots of light.

The Venus Flytrap needs a soil which is porous and able to hold a lot of water. Use a top-quality peat or a coarse potting soil, and never let the soil dry out.

The Venus Flytrap grows best in the warm, dampish and bright atmosphere of a greenhouse, doing very will in a large covered glass bowl or jar or a terrarium where the temperature and humidity can be some what controlled. The Venus Flytrap likes lots light but not direct sun light and the temperature should be kept above 70 degrees F/ 20 degrees C.

The Venus Flytrap grows to a height of six to eight inches, including flowers. It will send out a cluster of six to eight traps on each plant. The flower stalk will grow from the middle and produces a cluster of greenish-white blooms. Do not grow the Venus Flytrap for the flowers because they will appear only rarely. Most of us grow the Venus Flytrap for its more bizarre qualities.

The Venus Flytrap has an interesting way of catching bugs. Watch it when an insect crawls over or lands on one of the trapping leaves. As soon as the insect touches the hairs on the leaf it will close and the digestion begins. After a few days the leaf will reopen.

If there are not enough insects around, a weak mixture of water and fertilizer will help the growth.

Given the right conditions the Venus Flytrap will live for many years.


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