Swine Flu Symptoms and Treatment

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The Swine Flu seems to have reared its ugly head after a long hiatus.  Swine Flu is a virus that is carried by pigs.  This form of influenza is rare among Americans but it is contagious and seems to be spreading. 

Signs and symptoms of Swine Flu include, coughing, congestion, chills, fever, and loss of appetite.  However, sometimes a person can be a carrier of the flu but shows no visible symptoms and they may feel fine.  There is an incubation period involved with the Swine Flu.

In America there have only been about 5 vases of Swine Flu within the past four and one half years.  Again, this flu is rare but if you are exposed to it, you may very easily become a carrier. 

There are two medications currently used by doctors and hospitals to treat the illness.  The medicines most effective in treating the Swine Flu are Zamamivir, and Oseltamivir.  The important thing is receiving effective treatment early on.  Do not delay in seeing a doctor if you think you have the disease or think you may have been exposed.

The Center for Disease Control may have some concerns about the Swine Flu, but for now no firm statements concerning the illness have been made.   Swine Flu will only turn into a life threatening epidemic if people don’t take precautions and see a doctor if they have one or more symptoms.

No one can live in cage, we must venture out into the world each and every day and all we can do is be cautious and hope for the best. 


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