Disaproove, Change

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Not proud of the world I live in

Where people starve to death in tragic circumstances

When Ceos are buying their fifth house

I plan to make this better

I plan to strive for a best seller

I plan to take all but 1,000 dollars a month

Just enough to live off of




And I plan to take that money

Fill animal shelters with toys and small pet beds

In every cage

I plan to hand thousands of dollars of dollars

Straight to the homeless

But individually follow each one

Making sure

Alcohol and drugs

Aren’t purchased

But food and comforts instead

I plan to build another and another nature reason

I plan to walk up to the door of everyone who owns a second home

And I plan to tell them who could be using this home instead

And I plan to tell them

Their money could be saviors

Instead of sitting around to be visited

In brick

Once every two years

When my work is done

You will never recognize Earth

I plan to build a recreation center

For teens

Free entry

Where all are welcome

And I plan this too be a place for the depressed

Or hurting teen

Where they can come to rediscover the joy within themselves

But it shall not be limited to them



I’m not satisfied, with the way my world is now

And because I love

So Earth shall soon be loveable


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