Don’t just Age ~ Leave Your Mark!

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What are your going to do to make a difference in your week? Everyone has the power of greatness. Not for fame, but greatness. Because greatness is determined by service. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Start by making a list of what matters most to you? Many of you know I just turned 40 on Sunday. I decided I could continue with my life as it was, being nice and a good person or I could really walk-the-walk and make a difference. So I made my list of what matters most to me. My list looks like this:
1. God
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Faith
5. Health
6. Love
7. Freedom
8. Happiness
9. Career

Now look at this list of what the average person spends time on.
1. 100 hours a year commuting to work per year.
2. 80 hours of vacation time per year.
3. 45 hours a week at work.
4. 2 hours a day doing household chores/activities.
5. 3 hours a day watching TV.
6. 8-9 hours sleeping each night.

* Rest is important for good health and growing older gracefully.

I found that I am not average. For one thing, my time commuting is far lower than the 100 hour average per year(I work from home). Another area that was way off for me was sleep hours. The average person gets 8 to 9 hours a night and I get far less. This got me to thinking about my time. How do I spend my time? So I made a second list; How do I spend my 168 hours each week? It looks something like this:

1. 78 hours ~ Career
2. 28 hours ~ Homeschooling
3. 28 hours ~ Family Time
4. 28 hours ~ Sleep
5. 7 hours ~ Church

Time is fragile. Once it’s gone, there is no getting it back. Our children grow and no longer need us to take care of them. Our bodies age and need more care and attention. If you don’t like the list of how you spend my time, what can you do about it? Maybe it’s time to re-organize your schedule. What can you cut back on? Do you spend half of your time on your career? Is it possible to cut back at work so you don’t wake up one day and your kid’s are grown and gone?

Free up some time for “you time” and “family time”. Everyone needs FUN TIME to just unwind and be a kid again.

Now that your mental health is covered, you need to think about your eating habits. This is an area I know I need to make changes. I have an 8 year old who has a great metabolism and eats whatever she wants whenever she wants. The problem is she wants me to eat when she does, what she eats. At this point in our lives, we need to be eating more fruits and vegetables, leaner meat and fish, and adding calcium to your diet!

Impress your doctor. Spend a month writing in a food journal. Write everything you eat or drink and the time you consume them. Go get a physical and tell your doctor that you’re eating healthier and you want to be healthier. Show your doctor the food journal and ask your doctor about two things:

1. Vitamins. The older we get the more we may need to supplement our diet with vitamins. Ask your doctor what vitamins you need to continue staying healthy or to get healthier.
2. Exercise. If you are not already exercising, ask your doctor what you should be doing. Ask for a plan of action. Follow your doctor’s guidelines.

* You may need blood-work to determine what vitamins will be most beneficial. It isn’t a bad idea to ask them to do blood-work if your doctor doesn’t suggest it first. Step8 Today is the start of a healthier you. Begin by getting your mind ready for a change. Figure out what means the most to you. Get your body healthy by eating right, taking vitamins and exercising. Then do something for you and for your family. Make a difference in other people’s lives. Give of yourself and of your time.

* Today can be the start of something new in each of us.

* When you review how you lived each year, don’t you want to be proud of what you did with the time you were given?
* Don’t you want to know that you mattered,  and that you were the person God called you to be.
* Now is the time to listen for the music and take time to dance!
* Seek your doctor for a vitamin and exercise regimen that is right for you.


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