How to Create a Facebook Account

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Start out by opening your internet and going to Fill out all of the required information needed on the main page to create your own facebook account. Make sure that the email address that you provide is accurate and that you have access to it. Once you have filled in all of the required information, click Sign Up.

Facebook will send a confirmation email to the email address that you have previously provided. Log into your email address and open up the message from facebook. Click the link in the body of the email to activate your facebook account.

Once your facebook account is verified, you will be able to log into your account. Go to facebook and log into your account. Upload any photos, videos or anything else that you would like to share with your friends on your facebook profile.

There are many different applications that you can add to your facebook profile to make it more interesting. Click the link at the bottom left hand side of the page that says applications. You can add anything from music, games or just about anything else you can imagine to your facebook profile.

Search for your friends on facebook. Find old or new friends that are using facebook and you will be able to share videos, pictures, etc with them. People will only be able to view your profile if you are friends with them.

Sign up and Join the millions of other people that are already using facebook for their social networking needs.

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