Frank Lampard: How Radio DJ Made Him Angry

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A look at how the incidence between football star, Frank Lampard, and a radio DJ reminds us of parental responsibilities.

Frank Lampard recently responded angrily to a radio phone-in programme hosted by DJ  James O’Brien which insinuated that he was neglecting his parental responsibility and therefore “weak” and “scum”. Frank claimed that it was his personal life hence the DJ had no right to make any comments on radio without getting his facts right especially because the programme was in response to tabloid claims that Frank’s former girlfriend, Elen Rives, claimed he was “heartless” as he still resides in a £8.5m home while she and their two daughters have to make do with a small flat. Read more HERE.


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This public row brings a recent report that there are now more single women under the age of 25 with children in the United Kingdom. Many young people today come together without marital commitments and quit their relationships at any slight opportunity whether they have children or not. The number of marriages is lower than ever and many tend to end up living alone.

While it appears that some women want to have children to take advantage of child benefits and free housing others just want babies without considering the consequences. With about 45 per cent of children today born to unmarried parents, it is likely that this would be the norm in less than a decade from now. The following startling statistics released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Social Trends reveals that children are more likely to grow up in stable families if their parents are married. Married couples are generally happier and richer than unmarried parents and their children ten to behave and perform better at school.


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