Increase Your Article Earnings Overnight

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There are many tips and tricks to increase your online article income and increase your passive income.

First, you will want to keep writing.  Even if you are discourages just keep writing, the more articles the more income.  If you just write one article, you can double your article earnings by writing one more, a 100% increase in your passive income for the time it took to write just one article!

Next, you need to write about hot article topics.  Check out google trends, ebay trends, amazon trends, and especially twitter trends.  The topics are never ending and the resources are huge.  If you are a good write you will figure out how to use this information to reach your target audience and make more money at the same time.

Also, make sure that you promote your articles.  While sites like Bukisa and eHow help a lot with google search engine rankings for your articles you still should do some promotion on your own to make the most money you can and to get your articles to work hard.  Cross promote between your articles, promote your articles in online internet forums, and also promote your articles on social networking sites like facebook, myspace, and twitter.  Gain some friends, gain some green!.

Finally, if allowed under the terms of service promote affiliate programs and referral programs to increase your article income.  Why just have someone read your information when you can help them and they can help you.  make sure to sign up for the Bukisa referral program and other great extra income writing programs.

So that is the outline, write about hot topics with good placement, promote, and refer.  Wash rinse repeat and earn!


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