Three Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash

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While most people end up getting a nine to five job in a cubicle, a corporate office, or a retails store, these are not the only ways to make money, there are many more ways to make money that are less conventional and can be much more fulfilling then the conservative jobs of past generations.

  1. Teaching.  Now you may say you do not have a teaching degree but you do not need one.  If you know how to sail a boat you can give boat sailing lessons, or lessons on fishing, or even lessons on how to use a computer.  Many people are looking for this type of education but they may have difficulty in finding the answers, that is where you come in and profit!
  2. Baby-Sitting.  One tried and true method to making more money is to pick up an extra part time job. One of the easiest part time jobs is to pick up a baby sitting job.  This is a great job for high school kids or elderly adults who have a lot of time but their kids are all grown up and out of the house.  Children can be a great way to brighten your day and a fast and quick way to increase your pay.
  3. Fix things.  Life is a series of problems and it is your job to fix them.  Why not help other people fix their problems and make some extra money while you are at it.  You can help them fix a creaking door or a leaking faucet but you can also help them fix their broken hearts or broken careers.

What ever you decide, just get started and make more money!


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