Swine Flu Outbreak

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There seems to be an outbreak of swine flu in the United States. 40 people so far have been confirmed with the Swine flu in the US. President Obama said today there is cause for concern but not a cause for alarm. Obama also announced to his scientists and the Health Department that he has declared a state of emergency in the event more cases are reported so we will have every thing we need if it is called for. Over 12 million doses of flu medication has been distributed just in case.

The border patrol is taking special care with people coming in by land and by air. Countries across the globe are concerned with this out break and worried about a pandamic. If a pandamic was to occur it could spread globally very quickly.

Although the 40 known cases of Swine flu is the Unites States have not ended with any deaths at this time, the Health Department says that we as Americans should know this will become more severe and that some of the cases down the road may end in death.

The US does believe this outbreak originated in Mexico. So far in Mexico there have been over 1600 known cases of the swine flu with reports of over 100 deaths so far. In Mexico soilders have passed out over 6 million face masks to try and control the spreading of this outbreak.

Asia, Europe and Russia are telling their citizens not to travel to the United States or Mexico at this time, just to be safe and not to further contribute to the Swine flu jumping from just here and Mexico to their Countries as well. Russia and Asia are also considering quarentines from going in or out of these countries.

Multiple airlines in the US have changed their policy about canceling flights to Mexico and are telling folks they will not be penalized for cancellations into mexico but they have not canceled their flights into Mexico as of now.

If you or anyone you know have recently visited Mexico then you should go visit your Doctor. The symtoms are much like the normal flu. The CDC is also stressing to everyone that if you are sick to remain at home, Don’t go to work or to school or any place else you could infect others.


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