Free piece of grilled chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken today

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                             Are you a huge chicken lover? If you answered yes, then I highly suggest getting your free piece of Kentucky Fried chicken today. Today Kentucky Fried chicken will be giving away one piece of their new delicious grilled chicken to promote it for Unfry Day. Kentucky Fried chicken had other items that weren’t fried years ago, but unfortunately those food items didn’t satisfy the customers so they took them off the menu. A great way to have a free dinner with the family is going out today and eating at Kentucky Fried chicken for free, unless you get their potatoes, coleslaw, and other yummy items on the menu. To find a Kentucky Fried chicken store by you go to and click on the store locator. Place your zip code or town to get all the information you need. Have you ever tried to make your own Kentucky Fried chicken at home?

                           I have tried a few times and the recipe I used worked out very well. The skin was really crispy, the chicken was really juicy, and the flavor was just beyond awesome. If you need to find a recipe to make your own chicken I highly suggest going to There you will find thousands of great chicken recipes that will totally amaze you in flavor. Chicken is very healthy for you if it’s grilled instead of fried, but we all know that fried tastes better. Enjoy your free piece of chicken today.


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