5 Reasons Why You Should Promote Other People’s Products As An Affiliate

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If you are new to affiliate marketing, let me explain as simple as I can. Affiliate program is when you sell
other people’s products and make a commission on those sales.

Why promote products as an affiliate?

  1. When you promote someone else’s product, you dont have to do any support nor talk to anyone. The vendor does the hard work. All you have to do is send people to the vendor’s website and you get a check with your commission. Simple and Clean.
  2. I know you probably want to create your own product and sell it online. That is a GREAT idea. However, How do you know if your product is going to be a success? Can you consistently find the right prospects for that product? By promoting a similar or almost identical product as an affiliate, lets you test your idea beforehand. If you can sell the affiliate product successfully, then all you have to do is create your own version and divert the prospects to your website.
  3. You also probably wish some big name guru promoted your website so that you could make a ton of sales fast. Why not? right? your product is awesome. BUT the guru is not interested in a Joint Venture with you. Promoting that “guru’s” products as his affiliate, will show him/her that you are serious and that you can make some sales. That will get their attention and open the door for a possible JV.
  4. Promoting already successful, proven products almost guarantee you are going to make profit. Promoting the right products can only mean easy money and fat commission checks for you
  5. People buy millions of products every day online. In the vast majority of the time those transactions  originate from a prospect clicking on 1 link. If you make 50% commission on all sales generated
    from some of those millions of customers clicking your link, how much would you make? you do the
    math. Buyers click around on the net all day long, find vendors and buy products. All you have to
    do is put your links in the middle.

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