Important tips for driving vehicles safely

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Defensive vehicle driving is very important. We need to drive vehicles safely then only can save our lives and enjoy the driving. Majority of people will have at least any one of the varieties of motor vehicles such as two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheelers and other heavy motor vehicles, etc. We need to follow certain rules and tips for the safe vehicle driving. Let’s discuss certain important things

Avoid driving when you are tired: If you are tired, it will decrease your concentration levels of driving. In this situation, stop the vehicle for some time and have some water,  tea, coffee or cool drink whichever you like to make yourself  fresh and wash your face to come out of sleepy mood. Then start driving again.

Concentrate on driving: While driving, should not divert your mood with disturbing thoughts or emotions, speaking in mobile phones for longer time, looking at passengers, etc.

Don’t drink and drive: This is very dangerous activity and leads to accidents. Never drink before going for a vehicle drive. Though the person is expert in driving, drinking causes to lose concentration and consciousness.

Following traffic rules: Need to have patience while crossing the signals, taking the right or left turns. Never move forward until green signal is shown. Also use the indicator lights of your bike accordingly while taking the turns.

Overtaking the vehicles: Usually overtaking is done on the right. Passing on the left can be dangerous. Overtake from left only on multi-lane or on one-way roads. If the vehicle in front of you is turning right, you can overtake from left. Never overtake within 30 meters of a pedestrian crossing.

Vehicle license and Insurance:  Need to have vehicle license, RC book, PUC paper and Vehicle insurance certificate always with you while going for a drive.  Vehicle insurance is important as it provides protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents.

Driving Speed: There is a variation in the Speed Limits for different kinds of vehicles and countries.  Hence maintain the same speed limit as specified by the traffic control team in your state and country.

Check your vehicle properly before start driving: Check the air in tyres, breaks and other parts to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained. Also need to maintain the vehicle properly by giving it for servicing regularly.


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