How To Sell My House During The Summer

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Selling your house in the summer months (May, June, July and August) requires planning and research. If families are at the beach and on summer vacation, how do you get them to come and look at your house?

** Hire a real estate agent**

Hire an experienced real estate agent with a proven track record of selling homes in the summer. Ask the real estate agent to produce proof of how many houses she sold during the summer months during the last three years. Avoid signing up with a real estate agent without first checking out her track record.

**Host bi-weekly open houses**

Invite potential buyers into your house regularly. Meet with your real estate agent and request open houses with different times. For example, one day you can host the open house during the morning hours. Another open house can be during the evenings for people who are busy on the weekends.

**Give away free ice cream cones**

Fill your freezer with free ice creams pops and attract visitors to your house. Give away snacks, sodas and bottled water. Make your home very inviting to the general public. Do not worry if your nosy neighbors come over and look…they may have a friend interested in buying your home.

**Open the swimming pool**

Even if you are not using your swimming pool, keep it open. A great selling point for a house with a pool is… the pool. If the swimming pool is covered or if the water is green and slimy, no one will want to buy your house. Keep the filter running and the water nice and clean. Clean, sparkling water will attract children to a house and their parents also.


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