How far is away to bankruptcy?

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How long does it take to bankruptcy? Answer – about six months. The most personally experience this problem when the economy slipped in the whole world. Stopped jobs, business, advertising, new media budget cuts, the laws amendment, the real estate explotion of assets, like a big stone, and everything just fell.

All sudden stopped, because no one knows, what will now be the new charges
affect the company’s survival, worker safety issues. The budget fails to television programs, insurance, pensions, face a new problem – a large hole in the budget,
wage delays and the like.
Just one negative decision by the company that develops, financial whole, which then as a simple rope you every morning pressed into despair. Answer – Yes.
In his poignant personal practice I can boldly say so. Perhaps the desire to earn more and have a future, similar projects, or unbalanced step that led to
take a wasteful decision. Produce a product of cheap but high quality in order to evaluate the market for a new field, as one of the new products.
Yes, the product went out to the trade, but the beginning of the financial turmoil, there is nothing in the sudden stop. Owed to the bank for the office, for the printing press, the DVD, staff salaries. Customer delays to pay for services, forcing to take new loans to cover the loans. Is the loan from private individuals, with high interest. Suddenly starts to
stone pile on the shoulders, twist the financial flows. Every day, changing the ratio between profit and loss. Every day, decreasing the loan, but interest is increasing.
The fact is the only one – Not everyone can translate such a nervous tension.
We can say that if you do not have at least six months of spare income in, more efforts should be made to reduce costs, at least to the minimum and the search for new solutions.

I, like to share this bitter experience, as well as of all I would like to help, at least one dollar to transfer to my account. On one hand, and as a very small amount, on the other hand, this is what you should do it – “dig the pit for another, it is from and get.” Self “as the devil Cross” fights and always pay their debts, and that even after five years. So if you borrowed, if not with interest, at least part of the loan – returns. Currently, the expensive experience to correct the error, I need to pay 100,000 dollars. It is a lot of people working in the team, which simply can not dismiss, they are innocent, that this has happened. But otherwise I do not. Banks, and that any new business plans write, asked whether the loan guaranteed by the State, no one gives the loan.Bailiffs, courts regularly writes bad messages. Just escape from loans, pay for the accounts of the arrest of several weeks to relax and watch the situation repeats again from the beginning. While it is very shame to ask the public, but if you are easily transferred at least one dollar to the paypal account: would be very grateful. And of course must write with your contact, and bank details where i need to transfer the money back to you. And thanks for your support


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