The Law of Attraction – it’s not a secret anymore! (and it never was!!)

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The Secret of The Law of Attraction

The so called secret is not a secret at all,it is common knowledge among those who know about psychology. It comes from an area of study called cognitive dissonance. You may have experienced the particular facet I am referring to. For example,you may have noticed that if you change your make of car you start to notice there many more of them on the road. Or,if you learn new word you see it in many other places. This phenomenon happens because of the way our mind filters the information that bombards us all the time. Our senses only notice the things that come through the filters and those things are the things that interest us and it works at an unconscious level. All we have to do to use this feature of the mind is to set the things that we wish to notice in our unconscious and this is an amazingly easy thing to do. There are many methods that will do this,but,which ever you choose to use,be careful what you wish for because it will come true!

My favourite way of setting the unconscious in motion is to make in mind map or pattern note about things that you would like to do or have during the coming year. Put down anything that you want to happen however impossible it may seem . Use this as basis for developing the ideas and then double check each idea with a run through the goal setting process for each one. See setting goals

You may well find that,as a result of thinking about these questions,you want to modify the goal. When you are happy with the goals you are ready to move on to the fun bit!

Using the things that you have produced so far,get a selection of magazines that have lots of pictures in them and cut out any images that are symbolic of the things that you put on your mind map. Now get a large sheet of paper [flip chart size is ideal]and arrange the pictures that you have selected in any way that you like and stick them down. Some people make them sequential,others prefer a random placement around a central theme or even a tree or plant with the images hanging from the branches. Now just stick your collage on a convenient wall in your house so that as you live your normal life you will walk past and notice it in your peripheral vision.

Another excellent way of setting your unconscious to accomplish things is the time line technique of putting a goal into your future. 

Of course,you can do both and have double the fun! 

Over the next few weeks and months you will no doubt be surprised that you will begin to notice things that support the goals that you have defined using the above processes. This has happened to me many times.
On one occasion I was building a motorized tricycle using a mixture of car and motorbike parts. One thing that I was short of was a pair of front forks. One day I was looking through the phone book for the address of a plumber when I just happened to notice an advertisement for a motorbike shop that I had never heard of before. I telephoned the shop and asked them if they had any forks suitable for my project,to my amazement the answer was yes!The very next day I became the proud owner of a fine pair of spiral twisted,chrome plated,springer forks.
On another occasion I was making a collage when I was taking part in a future development course. The topic under consideration was our own future as the course formed part of our redundancy terms. My collage was full of wonderful images of what life would be like when I finished working. That was in 1991 and as I remember back to making that collage I realize how much of it has come true without my conscious effort. My wife and I have both retired and live halfway up a Spanish mountain in wonderful countryside and have met and made many new and interesting friends,and much of this was symbolized on that collage. Of course this does not constitute a scientifically verifiable experiment and it may all be a figment of my imagination. All I can say is,to me,it seems to work.

So,just have a go and see what happens.


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