How to Earn Extra Money At The Mall

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Most malls pay customers cash to take surveys on different products. Start out by going to your local mall and try to find someone standing around with a clipboard in their hand. Ask if they are offering any paid surveys that you can take. If you cannot find anyone that is standing around with a clipboard then you can ask anyone that works at the mall if they know where you can take the paid surveys.

Once you find the person that you are looking for, they will take you to a back room where you will need to fill out some personal information. Each survey is created for certain groups of people so you will need to see which surveys you qualify for. Let the people know that you would like to take as many surveys as you can so that you can get as much money as possible out of the surveys.

You  will take short surveys on anything from movie trailers to hotdog taste. Go through all of the surveys and answer all of the required questions. Once you are finished with all of the surveys, you will recieve cash. Each survey will have a different pay rate. I have taken surveys that have paid anywhere between 15$ and 56$

Most malls will only allow you to take surveys at them once every 3 or 4 months so that they can get opinions from different people. Ask someone there how long you have to wait before you can come back and take another survey.

Enjoy your free cash that you have earned for just answering a few questions at the mall!

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