Walgreens No Longer Offering Rebates

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Pharmacy giant Walgreens has decided to pull the plug on their rebate program, after years of offering products free after rebate.  Free after rebate products included shampoo, body wash, chocolate, over-the-counter medicine, make up and a myriad of other items.

Why would Walgreens pull the rebate program in such a down economy?  Perhaps the reason is because the program was no longer profitable.  If too many consumers bought the free-after-rebate products and followed through with the entire rebate process, it would no longer make fiscal sense for Walgreens to offer the program. The rebate business model is built on the premise that so many consumers will buy the product and forget to do the rebate part.  The fact that the rebate program is being cut points to the possibility that more consumers are actually receiving rebates.  Thus, the down economy is the very reason Walgreens would stop using the rebate program.

Further evidence of the down economy hurting Walgreens’ rebate program is the fact that Walgreens is one of a few corporations which runs debt-free.  This means Walgreens does not rely on credit at all.  Walgreens’ CEO once said Walgreens will never rely on credit if they can help it.  He said Walgreens would cut programs which were no longer profitable before asking for credit.  This inferrs the idea that the Easy Saver Rebate Program was no longer successful to Walgreens’ business model.

So where does the recessionista go now in order to get free product?  Check out this article on getting free stuff.  There are plenty of ways to continue to save money and get free stuff.  They just may be a little more difficult to find.


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