Why writers write

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A written word can express so many things and change people’s thoughts about every kind of interest and says often more than the words which people talk in conversations. Writing can be a passion or a form of entertainment but there are also several writers which may want to write to make money with writing.

Here are some reasons why writers write:

* to enjoy

Some people enjoy listening music, watching movies, playing computer games; writers have a passion to write experiences, jokes, novels or anything else they like to write about. They don’t experience writing as working and consider their passion as a form of entertainment.

* to keep a diary

Some writers want to write everything what happened in their life. Many of them started already from childhood and noticed everything during their school time, how they made friends and even positive and negative experiences during their youth. A diary tracks also the evolution in their further life, for example when they felt in love for the first time, the day they married, the birth of their first child, job experiences and everything which reminds them in a later stadium about all the happy and unhappy moments of their lives.

*to share travel experiences

Most everyone likes traveling, also writers. Travel writers want to write down their experiences during travels and they will likely add some pictures in their book, website or any other place where they write it down. They write down all the details of the architectural buildings, museums, parks or any other place they visited and some of them want also to share personal experiences with other cultures or they want to write about their family holiday. Travel writing can be wonderful to show other people interesting facts about certain countries.

* to earn money

Freelance writing is a way to make money for their writing and for some of them writing is their full time income. Some will write novels, poetry, fiction, drama or any other genre of writing and publish their books. The popularity of Internet makes it possible to sell books but most writers want to publish their book and sell them in bookstores. There are also freelance writers who earn money with writing articles for magazines or even for paid websites.

* to write articles for websites to improve writing skills

There are several paid website which pay you an amount for writing articles. Most of them want to improve their writing skills and share their knowledge with other readers. Some sites, for example Bukisa, Helium, Associated Content, Triond and many other pay for each page view and some also for upfront payment. Most writers want some payment for their efforts but their intention is often to receive some pocket money and for some of them it is the start of a writing career

* to express feelings

Writers also want to express their feeling in their writing. Some may write love letters for their significant or things they want to share with friends; others will write to thank their parents for all the happy moments they could enjoy together or just a thank you message to any other significant person in their lives.

There are so many reasons why writers write and the real writers writes from the depth of his/her heart and can express feelings according to a certain writing style. You can easily compare a good writer from a bad writer. Writing is an art and can be considered as one of the most beautiful gifts someone can have. If you are gifted are not; writing will always add a certain value. An article or book which might not interest a certain group of people can also pleasure other people or you are one of these writers who just want to write to keep it as a memory and to share it eventually with friends or family members.

Writing is a passion and a beautiful art which inspires many people to write for different reasons. It doesn’t matter why you write as long you enjoy it and maybe your hobby will turn into your job.


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