We will miss you Firoz Khan.

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Mr. Firoz Khan, a name of great heart, a person with great voice, a person who lived life fullest and a person who introduced Hindi film industry with western world. A great man. A son of Afghani father and an Iranian mother. He had great influence of Afghanistan in his personality. People call him a lion heart who left this world because of cancer.
He was ill for the past one year and spending his life at his Bangalore based farm house. People from the film industry and other forums are visiting his house for a last view of a great man with a smile on his face.
When I think about him, I remember film like Qurbani, Yalgaar, Welcome and some old classics. His voice is humming in my ears I am run out of words while writing about him. How one can forget that he broken a costly Mercedes in his movie and in remake of that movie, he announced to use and broke Ferrari. His dreams also have gone with him, Hope his family will try to fulfill some of them.
He worked with that times great beauties. He gave some fine art works in form of movies. His personality was always impressive. When he is one the screen people forget to see what is moving around him. He had a great smile, just remember the song ” Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye” sung by Nazia Hassan and remember his cute face with smile.
We always miss you great man. You will always in our heart and generation will also remember you for your contribution to Indian Cinema.


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