DLF IPL: Smoking is bad ShahRukh.

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Once again It is IPL, once again Shahrukh Khan the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, once again a tense moment, once again smoke from his mouth and once again controversy.

Most of us remember that Shahrukh smoke during a cricket match and all the smoking enemy caught that moment and ran behind him, he was served a notice for smoking in public place but I think SRK felt very relaxed in South Africa and smoke there in a match but he had to know that picture definitely will telecast in India and again he would be entitled for notice.

It is known that Indian Laws are not there in South Africa and a person who is there is just expected to obey South African laws but what if morale police of India is just running behind celebs to get some light on their faces as well. They have requested SA Government for no smoking zone in their stadiums. I don’t know if SA Government is going to accept that request but I wish Shahrukh khan also should try something to avoid these controversies. If he wants to smoke he should avoid places where he could be caught on camera.

But is this really a big issue what newspapers are publishing these days?

Personally I always believe, since SRk and other celebs are role models of young generation and they follow everything they do, so, they should not do anything which can give any bad impression about them and their followers follow them.

This is simple a matter of choice, if anyone wants to smoke one can’t stop him/her, if they are not breaking any law of the state. 


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