Travel: Las Vegas buffets

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There are so many buffets but then there are the top 10. The top ten buffets have a wide selection and the foods are good in quality. The service there is also good. The Rio buffet is one of the best in Vegas. The dining area is very large with many tables. They have all sorts of foods here from Italian to Japanese. You’ll love it. The price is anywhere from $15-$25. It’s really affordable. The line can be long at night.

Bally also has a steakhouse every Sunday. There’re plenty of lobsters, truffles, oysters, shrimp cocktails, caviar, truffles, lamb and more. The cost for the brunch is about $85. Bally buffet is one of the best in Vegas. Bellagio has a great buffet called the Buffet.  They have a wide selection of foods from Italian to Japanese. You won’t miss a thing at the Buffet. Le Village buffet is another great buffet in Vegas. They have everything that you can imagine. The price is about $15-$25 depending on the time of the day. The Mandalay bay buffet is another great buffet. They have great seafood here. The theme is tropical. Excalibur is another great buffet with foods from all over the world. The Harrah is another great buffet with a wide selection. The price is the same for most of these buffets. It’s usually around $15-$25, which is very affordable.



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