(Affordable) Dream Home For Families

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North Texas has many excellent advantages. It has a growing economy, diverse job opportunities, and a strong business environment. Those are pluses when someone comes here to work. Finding a house to turn into a home can be a far greater challenge.

Dallas and Fort Worth both have affordable homes. However, for both cities, the choices are between affordable small homes inside the city limits or large, family sized homes in distant outer suburbs. The first choice is a crowded home with no yard, noise, and poor schools. The second choice is a larger house with a yard, decent schools, and a horrific commute.

Developers would do well to redevelop the inner ring of suburbs with larger family homes, even if with small yards, to accommodate a balance between not being crowded into 1200 square feet or spending 12 hours a week on the highway. Those homes that are redeveloped should not have pools. Even in Texas, a pool is only used 5 months out of the year. Most homes with a pool end up losing the whole yard to the pool, leaving families with a modestly sized home – if it had a yard – with one they cannot use in bad weather or the cold season. The ideal home should also have a driveway in the front of the home with a two car garage. Requiring people to drive down back alleys to get to the garage – that is hard to get into and requires waiting single file to exit – is a terrible practice. This is also a burglary invitation, since no one can see one drive ways nearby. The result is that many home owners of such alley garage access homes park on the street to access their front door, avoiding the alleys but filling up the residential streets.

These design changes would greatly improve any new developments in north Texas.


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