Remodeling Your Kitchen Tips On a Budget

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Tin can give an old-timey feel to your kitchen.  With that classic, timeless look, tin backsplashes are absolutely a piece of cake to install, and they give you a great thing to talk about at when you break your house in for your first dinner party.  Tin ceilings are also a great addition to your custom cherry cabinets, and they make a great partnership with both porcelain tiles, and granite countertops.  And because no grouting is required, tin backsplashes are a piece of cake to clean.  A quick wipe-down with a clean rag will take care of most cleaning.

On a tight budget?

If you’re trying to stretch your budget — and what remodeler isn’t — you can achieve the same tin look with one of the many faux tin tile options available.  These plastic alternatives are quite a bit less expensive than actual tin, but you can only tell under careful scrutiny.  In fact, most guests wouldn’t even think to look that close before they see that your backsplash isn’t cold tin.

Installation Options
Tin backsplashes can be installed  with lots of small brads which contribute to the rustic look, or, more commonly, with silicone.  The plastic faux tin option is glued on.  In both cases, cautious installation will produce the most attractive look.  Both tin and faux tin backsplashes will feature an embossed pattern. This will hide seams.

Where to Look for Tin Backsplashes

Most hardware stores, including both large and smaller family  stores, carry both tin and faux tin. The best selection and the best deals, as usual, are on the Internet.  Take your time looking around, and you’ll find plenty of choices, including plenty of patterns  and finishes.  You can find individual tiles, or rolls of material which make installation even easier, in standard 12″ or 18″ heights, which can make installation a snap.

If you need to refinance your home before remodeling your kitchen, here are some suggestions.


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