Men And Their Melancholy Whoring

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What basically do men have in their minds when they crave for whoring? Generally, it is all about lust.

But it falls into two different factors depending what kind of man he is. It is either they tend to have ingénues martyred to sex caused by poverty and peer influences or to have those  big -bottomed figures who are never fooled by  a man yet will happily furnish them with energetic sex  but declining love.

Let us try to hear men’s heartbeat and figure out  what they really think of whoring. I would like to pay attention to them  who  are weak in season caused by heartache. Yes, men are so emotionally ill during this state. Cases of them like deception, self-denial  and  betrayal are common factors which we may or may not obviously notice of them.  Most of them seek attention primarily from their friends and slowly overcoming emotional numbness by  righteous  way of whoring.

It is a given fact that prostitution is rampant in our society. Be it in a businesslike manner or personal  whoring  engagement.   In most cases, these kind of men who can afford to drop by metro health club or “beerhouse” would probably fall into whores who doesn’t recognize love and one’s sincerity because of their own belief and certainties that these women are in, thus, these men who are actually looking for sincere  sympathy  from  these what we called “slut”, “prostitutes”, “bitch” or biblically called as “whore”  might have been disappointed,  doubling the pain that still stinging from within. This case is very rare, but interesting for what we do not know is that there are still men who think differently from others regarding this matter.

As a result, most of them try to slowly surpass the changes in their phase because o f what  experience had taught them to be another person in some way after all.  Some don’t.  Some men continue to battle against the hurt and against the truth.  They continue to believe what’s in their mind would one day fall into right place that even in their deepest grief they will come across to the woman that their soul is searching for even if it is through unacceptable course of whoring.


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