How to Know How The World Will End

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Step 1

Global Warming Global warming. The change is occurring right now. It is affecting our natural environment. Our national security and our way of life. We need policies that encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy, and a unified national electricity grid.


Jesus God or the Second Coming. For 2000 yrs. followers of Jesus Christ have been waiting for him to return like he said he would. Many thought it would be immediately after his ascension, but when that didn’t happen, each generation looked for signs that were left in the bible.

Step 3

Nuclear Blast Nuclear War. For many years now, we have fought off a nuclear war between all of our different countries. We (the world) have had some close calls. More and more countries are becoming nuclear active and maybe someday just might use them.

Step 4

Meteor Natural Disaster. For thousands of years our world has been extremely lucky not to have meteors hit the earth. They always seem to go around or by us. Our luck can not hold out forever.

Step 5 Solar Radiation Solar Radiation. Electromagnetic dissipation, including X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared dissipation, and radio discharge, as well as visible light, that derives from the Sun. The small part of this energy deflected by Earth is of immense importance to life and to the preservation of natural processes on Earth’s exterior.


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